The Strength of the Nation

Helping America, Israel and all nations in the world become great and strong

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3333-0
By: Plancher, Luisa


After Sept 11, 2001, I discovered that, Military Interventions alone, cannot solve our national and international conflicts. Instead, the answers can be found in the Religious Arena. Yes, the same awesome Force that created the world; the same awesome Force that prompted the Pilgrims to come to this blessed shore and create this new Nation of USA…. This same awesome Force is about to unite us all together, and make our Nation great and strong, again. And once again we can become a beacon of hope for Humanity, and inspire all the Nations in the world to trust our Creator, and come together and form the Kingdom of the Lord. This New Kingdom will have a New King: Jesus the Christ, and its capital will be Jerusalem, in Israel…. The Final Frontier!


Luisa Plancher

Luisa Mirella Plancher is an Italian School Teacher who moved to the USA in 1970. In her new country Luisa earned a Degree in Political Science and entered the area of Social Work. Being an Orphan of War, Luisa is committed in finding ways to avoid next wars. And she has studied the Bible and the Quran, where she has identified some answers to her quest. Therefore, not only America, but also Israel, the Middle East and all nations can come together to form the Kingdom of the Lord, especially today, in which all Gentile nations have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus, thanks to Television Networks like TBN, EWTN, Impact, God.TV, and many others. And now the Jewish People will be saved, according to Romans 11: 25-26.