The Art Of Overstanding

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3339-2
By: Wedman, Countrified


The Art of Overstanding is a way of processing information on all levels and from all sides. The information in these books is like taking the red and the blue pill. This book will educate you on choosing the blue pill. Taking the blue pill, you can believe whatever you want without any manipulations or limitations. If you take the red pill, you will remain in wonderland and will discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. These books are considered the Green Pill. The information in these books will mix the red and the blue pill, teaching you to know yourself while exposing the real world you live in and the manipulators of your world. If you consider yourself a deep thinker, this information will cause you to think even more profound, and that will open your mind up to so many other possibilities.


Countrified Wedman

The author is named Countrified Cornelius Wedman. He was born in a small town in South Carolina and always felt destine to deliver some type of message to the world. He had a love for music and entertainment once he discovered the kind of influence entertainers had over the public. He felt this would give his message more validity and a massive platform to spread such a message. Early on in Countrified's life, he didn't know what the message or information he was destined to share with the public he just felt it was something. At a very young age, he would connect with the outer atmosphere and speak among the stars of his desires to experience while traveling this earth. He would spend countless hours projecting his thoughts out into the universe.