Keys to the Soul

The reference guide book

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3340-8
By: Wedman, Countrified


Keys To The Soul is a reference guide book to the Art of Overstanding. The Art of Overstanding is a very powerful book that takes the reader up many levels but only so far. This book will take you beyond The Art of Overstanding. This book is so bizarre and powerful that it had to be separated from the first book. You will learn things that are hard to comprehend but it's a must you do so. This book will exploit secret information on things that's been keeping humans from ascending and discovering their true powers. This book exposes the manipulators of your life and the motivations behind those manipulations. Once you are aware of the ultimate truth and reality that you're experiencing you can prepare yourself mentally. Once you complete this book, you will become an Advance Overstander to never be manipulated or misled again.


Countrified Wedman

Countrified left his small town in South Carolina to join the United States Marine Corp in order to get closer to Hollywood, California where he can experience his entertainment career. Countrified has been relentless in his efforts to have his desired experience and always created his own environment to benefit others ever since he left his home town. He has accomplished every goal he has set out to do and had the luxury to experience every desire thought he put into the universe by the age of 35. He wrote an autobiography on his fantastic journey titled, "My First 35". In his autobiography, you will discover that Countrified appeared on the biggest tv shows, movies and commercials Hollywood had to offer. He also holds the titles of actor, musical artist, stand-up comedian, scriptwriter, movie editor, acting coach, and movie producer, to name a few. Throughout this journey, Countrified discovered his true mission and message that he was destined to deliver. The information comes from higher intelligence that used Countrified as the vessel to deliver such robust information. Countrified is just the physical author but not the true holder of the ultimate truth within these books. Even Countrified was amazed by the information he was directed to write. As you read these books, you will see why Countrified was chosen, groomed, and protected to deliver this information to you. If you really know Countrified, you would know that this information comes from a higher source of intelligence. Countrified, although he did complete an autobiography, is not a book writer. He doesn't have a love for writing books or even like to read for extended periods of time, but somehow he remained discipline for 7 years to complete 2 books. He remained disciplined to achieve this mission because he had no choice. The mission is much bigger than Countrified. He was designed by the Gods for him to conduct such a mission, and he becomes aware of this on his journey.