Bland Book

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3344-6
By: Grindl, AC


Coming off a beautiful holiday in 2018, missing Levi’s second Christmas and finishing the eighth edition of his Milla de Oro Magazine, AC went back to Colombia. Levi was the dog AC had paid for with his bitcoin earnings from letting his friend, Kelly use his Starcard. He began to write his book, getting wrapped up in the themes he was trying to express in his magazine concerning AI and the surveillance commercialism, that people in Colombia were out to take his photos and his literature. At the end of writing this book he was surprised to find out that some people in Colombia had read his book and even though he had tried his best to keep the entire writing process top-secret, the book got out of his hands somehow. Upon finishing the book and saying so many absurd things that at sometimes were indeed awful, AC thinking that would sell well, Jeimmy was determined to get him out of the house and on the road to sales. He left for the States with high hopes only to find himself an absolute unknown in all communities. AC ran around, going ahead and publishing his ninth edition of his magazine to find it not read, losing his readership in Colombia and losing his grip with his wife. His stuff was still disappearing in his mind, like his memories. AC’s book Words Will Never hurt Me was not a memoir, but a train of thought. Many details about China and college at SMU were left out, even the beginning of the relationship with Jeimmy had been lost at the hands of Apple. AC’s recovery was not going well. AC did not want to have sex, knowing it would end his relationship with his wife who was already at a great distance and not talking to him through much of the year up until Thanksgiving when AC finally released his first book. Bland Book is about that struggle and the turmoil of thinking his words were wasted and contorted by the abyss of spies as he writes about them. That struggle is evidence brought on through the writing of Words Will Never hurt Me and only later into 2020 was he rewarded and alleviated in his efforts to send a copy to an agent, Matt Bialer. This is an account provided by Google Maps and then detailed by AC’s own experience.


AC Grindl

The author in recovery tries to lead people down a path by creating books and writing other publications. This taking in all kinds of sources of entertainment and news to reciprocate consumption, showing that he has digested the information. Bland Book does just that and shows that his writing is indeed a growth opportunity for those who walk the walk.