Moving Away Will Be Okay!

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3541-9
By: Carte-Sears, Kellie


Moving Away Will Be Okay! MOVING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN can be exciting, but there are times it can be scary or confusing, if not distressing for them. So how does a child successfully cope, adjust, and ultimately, be happy and even excited about moving to their new home? Moving Away Will Be Okay! is the first in the Moments with Massy™ series, and can help. Although wise and compassionate for her young age, when Massy learns she is moving she finds herself consumed by emotions and filled with questions. But her lovable cat Blue, guides her through the process in a mindful, lighthearted, and playful way. Together, their journey and adventure leads them to understanding and happiness. NOT MOVING? With valuable life lessons, this fun and memorable adventure will surely capture every child’s heart.


Kellie Carte-Sears

YEARS AGO, when KELLIE CARTE-SEARS learned her young grandchildren were moving to a different city from where she lived, she decided the best way to assist them with this change was to find a book that would help them embrace their emotions and let them know everything would be okay—a book that would show them moving didn’t have to be so scary but could be fun and adventurous. But she couldn’t find a book that was “real” in a way that her grandchildren would connect. So Kellie went home and wrote Moving Away Will Be Okay! and has other books in her Moments with Massy ™ series already underway. Her drive to fulfill market gaps and the needs of others has gained her great success on many different platforms. Her newest book series, Moments with Massy ™ is no different. Using the talents and gifts God has given her, she is offering her books for children to learn and enjoy.