The Powers The Fall of Stych

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3717-8
By: Jones, Joshua


In a world where werewolves, vampires, and arcane arts fight for ultimate power, lies a kingdom, Stych. The ruler brokered a peace treaty amongst each race to stop countless bloodshed on all sides. The march of time went on and the human population forgot about these unnatural beings, technology advanced forward, presenting in the modern era. Two brothers are contracted to capture themselves a legendary vampire, Viktor. They manage to get the job done but are double crossed by the mysterious elemental wielder, Romulus, who set them on that path. All hell breaks loose, as they escape with their souls in one piece. With the help of two agents from a secret branch of the government, they break out the werewolf, Blood Moon, that had been hunting this vampire through the ages. And so, with the final stage set, the brothers, Blood Moon, and Viktor, go up against a powerful wizard long thought dead. Who will win?


Joshua Jones

Ever since I was young, I’d write short stories. For some time, I didn’t think they’d become anything more than just that, worthless words. Then I grew, as did the writing and the characters inside, I told myself day and day out that its not going to matter. No matter how much I put into them, plot, and each emotions I carry within these lives inside the written words. Never did I once think, this’ll make me famous or anything would come out of this, money as well. Nor did I want any of that, to just write a good story, that is my goal. One that people, my own children, will remember or at least think back on some day. To that end, this wouldn’t be possible with the constant support of those around me and those are the ones to thank. Friends, Family, and an artist, Nicole Roeder, who could take what I imaged, bringing it to life with me. Along, with an editor, Jamie Iredell, that helped with all the little things and provide invaluable feedback. This book, wouldn’t be possible without their help in some way. So, I’d to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart and my everlasting gratitude. On the nights when am low, my parents, any time I wrote something new, they’d read it. They would keep it honest, but tell me to keep going, even when I doubt what I can do. To my friends that have kept me pushing forward as well. I’ll always have that disapproving voice in my head, no matter how many volumes I create. And that’s okay, maybe by the hundredth book, it’ll go away. Until then, they will keep me going on and those within the story’s as well. To all who read this, I deeply thank you and I hope your lives are enriched in ways you couldn’t imagine.