Jean Marie the Comfort Collector

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3899-1
By: Pfeiffer, Nicole


Whimsical Jean Marie just loves to be comfortable! She collects many of the items that give her the most comfort and joy. Enthusiastically, Jean Marie shares her love of her most comfortable possessions. When Jean Marie realizes that her collecting has gotten out of hand, she comes up with a way to give comfort to others.


Nicole Pfeiffer

Nicole Pfeiffer is a burgeoning children's book author and illustrator on a mission to turn her musings into creative and fun stories for children of various ages to enjoy. Drawing and coloring, whether it be pencils and crayons or a pen tablet and a keyboard, has always been a passion for Nicole. As a child, she always enjoyed coloring in various coloring books and even creating her own! Even as a teen, Nicole dabbled in creating Manga/Comics as a hobby. After becoming a mother of two children, she had an intense drive to create some kind of art that they would enjoy. She first published Leo and the Orange Bear in early 2020. Jean Marie the Comfort Collector is her second published work.