Alebrije Tales

Children of the Night

ISBN: 978-1-7923-4017-8
By: Serna, Isaac


Queer-Mexican Folk Tales for a New Generation. Story #1: Coyotl and his gift. In this story, a coyote is given a special gift and learns quickly that choices come with consequences. Story #2: Jacinta and her pitaya tree. In this story, Jacinta is a beautiful song bird who needs to protect her pitaya tree at all costs from the outsiders. She learns home is where her heart is. Story #3: Cerulean the Bat. In this story, Cerulean the Bat struggles to fit in with land and flying animals. He needs to look deep within to find self-acceptance and love who he is.


Isaac Serna

Isaac Serna started his book series as a sort of love song to his Mexican heritage. Writing a book series was always on his bucket list, and eventually, with Alebrije Tales it became a reality. When not having game night with his friends, Isaac loves spending time with his partner, sings very badly, enjoys traveling around the world and is flamboyantly gay. Isaac is also the only person on Earth to have partied with Martians and has reached the end of a rainbow. He lives in Southern California.