Research and Cases Analysis of Technology Innovation and Robotics Practice

TP Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-7923-4357-5
By: Cui, Qingquan


Technological innovation and robotics are the focus of research at present, and the research and competition carried out next time are more extensive. This book takes Technological innovation as the main line and robot innovation as the carrier. It is divided into seven chapters to carry out case study and Analysis on the research and practice of scientific and technological innovation, and to give corresponding robot research cases. This book combines two main lines of scientific and technological innovation and robot, and integrates my research achievements in scientific and technological innovation practice and robot design, including scientific and technological innovation patents, machine human patents, and academic papers on robot direction. I hope that the writing of this book can provide a certain theoretical basis for the practice of scientific and technological innovation and your research on robots, and put forward some new research methods and ideas, and provide research practice cases for related research.