A Gnome-in-Training

Book 5, Tales of Limindoor Woods

ISBN: 978-1-7923-4651-4
By: De Francesca, Sieglinde


This is the fifth and last book in the series: The Tales of Limindoor Woods. The series of chapter books is meant to be read to children ages 4 - 11. The stories are of two children who enter an enchanted forest and become the size of the Gentle-gnomes who live there. The children have many adventures at the same time learning valuable life lessons of kindness, generosity, patience, courage, gratitude and honesty.


Sieglinde De Francesca

Sieglinde de Francesca, a seasoned Waldorf teacher & consultant, is the author of A Donsy of Gnomes , Coloring with Block Crayons, & Teaching with the Fables . She continues her exploration of the world of wonderment through the enjoyment of family, the arts, writing & nature.