Unveiling Islam

Historical Background to Comparsion between Mohammad to Jesus Christ

ISBN: 978-1-7923-4654-5
By: Ellis, Dr. M. Dennis, et al.


Unveiling Islam DVD, Dr. M. Dennis Ellis, History of Islam and Beliefs. Session #1 - Historical Background, Session #2 - Mohammad's Personal Life, Session #3 - Islamic Culture vs. Western Culture, Sessions #4 - Allah Compared to God of the Bible and Mohammad Compared to Jesus Christ. Sessions begun with special presentation of the Fairview Baptist Tabernacle Church choir, Sweetwater, TN. Condition is Brand New Retail List - $25.00. Hundreds sold world wide. All proceeds to helping support students in Third World countries.


Dr. M. Dennis Ellis

Dr. Ellis has pastored 6 churches; each experiencing large growth. He served as Bus Evangelism Director at Bellevue Baptist Church under Dr. Adrian Rogers. He served in Russia for 16 years where he had experience in working with many Muslims who had accepted Christ. Now he serves with the Final Frontiers Foundation which has planted 325,000 new churches in 87 countries. He completed his education in two universities, & three seminaries. Him and his wife are retired but serve full time in ministry.