Someone Exactly Like Me

ISBN: 978-1-7923-4930-0
By: Cromack, Debbie


Off the heels of his success and skyrocket to fame from his role in the movie Don Massimo, Niccolo Mancini wants to move to Hollywood to further his career in America. He lives the ultimate playboy life and he likes it that way. Until he meets Destiny Cardone. Destiny is an awkward, feisty romance author who only dreams about adventures, living vicariously through her characters as she writes their stories on the pages of her heart. She’s hit a slump in her career and is struggling to make ends meet. In hopes of turning things around, she accepts a deal from one of the sexiest men on earth. A deal that will change her life. The deal they strike entangles them on an emotional roller coaster neither of them expected, forcing them to face their fears, about themselves and about each other. Will that coaster take them to love? Or will they retreat back to their fears and never know what could’ve been?


Debbie Cromack

Debbie Cromack writes love stories with a lot of heart and a hint of steam.