From Muhammad to Mubarak

The Middle East in a Nutshell

ISBN: 978-1-7923-5032-0
By: Peck, David


From Muhammad to Mubarak: The Middle East in a Nutshell provides an accessible and engaging narrative of the Middle East, beginning with founding of Islam in the seventh century through the recent Arab Spring (2010). Written for the general reader, as well as the high school senior/college freshman-level audience, this book is an excellent source of information and insight on the essential history on the nations and peoples of the Middle East. Whether you are looking for a concise review of the subject, are at an introductory level, or are a teacher looking for a useful and inexpensive class text, From Muhammad to Mubarak: The Middle East in a Nutshell will meet your needs.


David Peck

David D. Peck is Emeritus Professor of History and Political Science at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Dr. Peck holds a J.D. (law) and a Ph.D. (history of the modern Middle East, classical Islamic Civilization, and modern Europe). He has taught college undergraduate courses on the Middle East and Islamic Civilization since 1993. A recipient of numerous awards for excellence in teaching and curriculum development for college undergraduates, Dr. Peck also received a prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Lecture Grant and taught at the University of Delhi (India, 2010-2011). His foreign residences include Spain, France, Tunisia, Egypt, and India. He is the author of Voyage without a Harbor (2012) as well as numerous articles and related publications for Oxford University Press.