We Made It

The Visual and Culinary Arts Merge into a Delectable Feast for the Eyes and Palate

ISBN: 978-1-7923-5230-0
By: Art League of Ocean City


We Made It features original art and treasured family recipes from members and friends of the Art League of Ocean City (Maryland). During the shutdown of 2020, when members of the Art League's Drop-In Painting Group were meeting by Zoom, they suggested producing a cookbook illustrated with their art as a fundraiser for the Art League. The final result is a beautiful full-color book that mingles the taste for fine art with the taste for cherished and unique family recipes, many handed down through generations. To make the book even more personal, the artists share the inspirational stories behind their art and why their recipe is so special to them.


The Art League of Ocean City (Maryland) is a nonprofit organization located in the Atlantic Ocean resort. Its mission is to promote artistic expression and appreciation for the creative arts in the community. The Art League operates the waterfront Ocean City Center for the Arts, open 7 days a week and free to all, featuring original art and changing exhibits.