UNLOCKING the artSAVOR SECRET simple, fast & fabulous recipes for any kitchen TACOS • PIZZAS •BURGERS

ISBN: 978-1-7923-5521-9
By: Goldstein, Homeira


Homeira, in her debut cookbook shares over two dozen unique kitchen creations using her innovative artSAVOR® seasonings. The recipes will seem similar, but you will never prepare easier or more delicious tacos, pizzas or burgers. These low-effort, high-impact creations pack a punch and perfect for the relaxed cook needing to deliver healthy and satisfying meals when time is scarce. Easy to use artSAVOR seasonings will transform your cooking, making good cooks great and great cooks extraordinary. The flavor magic happens when the seasonings are bloomed in olive oil, creating flavor building blocks unlike anything you have ever used.


Homeira Goldstein

All of my life I have endeavored to forge creative consciousness, primarily in the visual arts. I have envisioned, curated art exhibitions, concerts, art soirees and worked with scores of artists from around the world, which in miraculous ways led me to my own creative endeavors in the culinary arts. Creating SIMPLE, a small body of recipes to share with the world, has been a thrilling labor of love; I am filled with joy and gratitude to those who have helped me realize a first of my many visions in print! – HOMEIRA