God Speaks

ISBN: 978-1-7923-5528-8
By: Warrington, Stephanee


Layla is a young girl who loves God. One night when she is fast asleep, she is approached by the Angel Miriam. Join Layla and Miriam as they discover that God Speaks! No matter what, whether it’s through his word, signs and wonders, or our dreams, the Lord is always with us every step of the way!


Stephanee Warrington

Stephanee Leah Warrington is a Christian American Illustrator. She was born July 27th 1993 and is currently residing in the DMV area. Born in Boston MA and raised in Cambridge MA, Stephanee was always exposed to the arts. Since she was a little girl her parents always encouraged her to develop and grow in her gift for art and creativity. Stephanee took her gifts and talents seriously around the age of 21 when she started to participate in art shows. She even curated a few art shows. Stephanee always grew up in the Christian faith. It wasn’t until she was 24 years old that she decided to dedicate her life to Jesus Christ. As part of her ministry she decided to use her gifts and talents to bring people closer to God through her podcast and writing children’s books! “God Speaks is a very personal book for me!” “The scriptures used throughout the story are scriptures that the Lord has used to speak to me throughout my life.” “These scriptures have been written on my heart and have been used and are continued to be used to help make important decisions in my life. Outside of art Stephanee Loves to travel, attend church, make new episodes of her podcast, walk her dog, spend time with friends and family, and has an interest in conserving marine life.