In The Mystery

Contemplative Living in a Chaotic World

ISBN: 978-1-7923-5971-2
By: Moran, Fawn


To the seeker after freedom, the student after truth, the mystic after God - mine this work. There’s gold within. Open to any page or read it front to back. It’s the resonance that’s key, however the words align, words that surfaced with a cadence all their own. Some emerged as messages in poetic prose. Others took the form of letters from an unseen friend. Many were life-changing.


Fawn Moran

I've written nine volumes in The Mystical Traveler Series to date, and am working on a collection of short stories. Writing has grown into a spiritual practice that has only deepened over time. And while I'm the author of these works, I wasn't their creator as much as their receiver, and realize their greatest value lay in passing them on. I've also worked in the fields of domestic violence, AIDS education and care, elder care and homelessness (over 40 years all told). In 1995, I co-founded the One World Peace Foundation, an online educational resource to foster progressive world change and human understanding based on an unshakeable respect for truth, peace and freedom.