ISBN: 978-1-7923-6036-7
By: Haig, Alia


This is a story about a little raven who struggles to fit in with the world. Through all their life struggles and journey to discover themselves, the little raven is reminded that they aren't alone and to embrace their flaws.


Alia Haig

Alia grew up in Pennsylvania, finished their BFA in Filmmaking in Los Angeles with a hunger to polish their art skills. Eventually, they completed their MA in Visual Development in San Fransisco and began to create art for their own personal therapy. Through the intense pressure to become a more polished adult and finally do what matters most, they decided to drop everything after 10 years in California and moved back to Pennsylvania to truly focus on their art and illustrations. Art has truly been the most powerful anchor in Alia's life and saved their mental health on many occasions by helping to translate the deep emotions and struggles with their identity as a human being. They only wish to spread that story and passion along to others. Embrace your strange, weird selves and celebrate it!