Discovering Me

An Identity Journal

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6090-9
By: Robin, Jessica


Who are you? Life's craziness calls you to do things and be things for other people...but at the end of the day, who is that person collapsing on your couch? Other people's voices try to tell you who you are...but can you believe them? What expectations or commitments are overwhelming you? Welcome to "Discovering Me', an identity journal all about uncovering, exploring, and discovering YOU. Go beyond casual personality typing with this guided journal. The journal includes: Brain-based neuroscience, Life Coaching methods, a 16-week online course, and Support for PTSD survivors.


Jessica Robin

Jessica Robin has worked with top neurologists and psychologists during her TBI (traumatic brain injury) recovery. In that time she developed her own Identity Journal to help get a grip on perplexing life stuff. She is now excited to share this journal and help others with their own "Discovering Me" journey.