The Master Blaster

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6341-2
By: Dilbert, Regina A.


This children's poetry book is dedicated to all Jump Masters and Drill Sergeants in the U.S. Army. It details some of the things that must be done to be a brave and competent Master Blaster. The pictures and illustrations is of the author going through her daily duties and motions while on duty. This book can be purchased for any child with a family member male or female serving in today's military. Happy reading.


Regina A. Dilbert

Regina A. Dilbert published her first poetry book in 2006. She has written short stories, novels, and published an miniature Hair Braiding magazine. She continues to write short stories, poems, and children's books. Regina loves to tell short stories using characters to show off her community and remind us all of home. A proud U.S. Military member, she plans to continue writing books and sharing her stories with the world. She is proud to be able to provide relatable books to her readers and recommend others do the same.