Grandma's Hands

I Am Huge Fan!

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6344-3
By: Dilbert, Regina A.


This book details different days of the life of Paulette D. Christie, who is a loving grandmother who loves to use her hands to make crafts and gifts. Everyone has a talented and loving grandmother but not everyone grandma use their hands to craft and make gifts. However, this particular grandma is unlike any other grandmother, nana, or me-maw because she sews, knit, and craft with love. She also teaches who ever wants to learn, especially her grand kids. Much of her fabrics come from Africa and she designs her clothes, masks, bags, and smocks without an pattern. This will be a great gift for anyone grandma who is crafty or a grandchild to remind them of their grandmother.


Regina A. Dilbert

Regina A. Dilbert published her first poetry book in 2006. She has written short stories, novels, and published an miniature Hair Braiding magazine. She continues to write short stories, poems, and children's books. Regina loves to tell short stories using characters to show off her community and remind us all of home. A proud U.S. Military member, she plans to continue writing books and sharing her stories with the world. She is proud to be able to provide relatable books to her readers and recommend others do the same.