The Hour Is Near

The Biblical Signs Are Here Now

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6609-3
By: Porter, Albert


The Biblical signs are here now - pointing to the End Times. This booklet summarizes the evidence of the Bible to support the hundreds of prophecies about the End Times and the signs of the times all converging in these last days. The book shows evidence that 1817 prophecies have been made in the Bible and over a thousand have been 100% accuracy. The remaining prophecies are about the End Times when the world as we know it changes with the Rapture, Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Second Coming of Christ and the Millennium. Written in easy to read summaries and bullets with supporting scriptures in red and easy to read 8x10 format with easy font reading.


Albert Porter

Over thirty years serving in churches as a volunteer leader of Sunday School programs and Youth programs and Christian Education. Produced several videos for YouTube and a website and Christian Apologetics and The End Times. In the world I was a COO and CEO in the technical staffing field, an entrepreneur and business Consultant.