a contemporary western

ISBN: 978-1-7923-6754-0
By: Shepard, Ken


After receiving an unfortunate medical diagnosis, Glen Shieling finds himself on a leaky bucket list adventure headed out west where he plans to reunite with family, old friends, and the old family place from which he has been self-exiled for two decades. Dragging his heels in the face of all that reuniting, he adopts a family on the road. Twists and turns of love, and death, and birth, and rebirth roll on out under the skies of the contemporary American West. The pressing issues of water, land-use policy, and resource extraction play a role, along side a colorful cast of characters.


Ken Shepard

Ken Shepard insists he is more a listener than a writer. He listens whenever and wherever he remembers to. He writes occasionally in various hideouts in Colorado and beyond.