Healthcare: A Visual Encyclopedia

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7041-0
By: Misdom, Abigail


This encyclopedia-style book details all the different people who work together to take care of sick people in a hospital. Learn about over 30 different healthcare professions, through fun illustrations and explanations written by an Emergency Department nurse. Through this book, your child will learn how all the health professions work together, their average salaries, and even the pathway to becoming a doctor! Read to the end of the book to find out which healthcare profession might be the best fit for YOUR personality!


Abigail Misdom

Abigail Misdom is a nurse who is passionate about emergency care, trauma nursing, and teaching the future generations of nurses. She graduated from nursing school in Georgia, and currently lives in Birmingham with her husband, Dane. She enjoys reality TV, craft beer, and playing board games when not working at the hospital. She hopes this book will inspire you to pursue a future career in healthcare!