Hey Ma... Hey Princess…

A Mother & Daughter Tell All Journal

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7089-2
By: Brown, Tia, et al.


The love between a mother and daughter is unbreakable if it is nurtured in the right way. Using this guided journal will promote written conversations that will help build the trust needed to create a strong foundation for mothers and their teen daughters. The Hey Ma... Hey Princess... journal was designed to cultivate the relationship between a mother and teen daughter and includes: 100 creative prompts: Enjoy two sections that include get to know you questions, as well as more private questions that open up necessary conversations between mothers and teen daughters. Conversation Starters: Dive into those "sticky" questions with ease, with conversation starters geared towards bringing out the stories that may be hard to tell face-to-face. Safe Space: What is written in the journal, stays in the journal! The journal is small enough to hide from nosey family members, but allows many opportunities to share those deep and dark secrets that may assist daughters as they navigate adulthood.


Tia Brown

Tia S. Brown is a veteran Teacher and business owner of The Brown House Experience and Urban Education Avenue, LLC. Her most important job is raising 3 intelligent daughters. Navigating parenting of all girls, as well as teaching for over 17 years has prepared Tia for those conversations most moms dread tackling with their teen daughters. Creating this journal allows her to share a creative keepsake to help build a bond with your daughter that will last a lifetime! Kylie C. Malone is a recent high-school graduate preparing to enter college. Kylie is the owner of Stitched Custom Creations by Chiara, LLC, that provides customized apparel and accessories. Building a relationship with her mom seemed natural, but after watching her female friends struggle to engage in those difficult conversations with their moms, she knew she had to contribute to the building of better bonds between mothers and daughters.