Annandale: The Early Years

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7191-2
By: Palmer, Hollis


The book Annandale: The Early Years is the first in a five book series on the Lathrop, Batcheller, Hanson and Davidson families of Saratoga Springs. Believing every house has a story to tell, as I pass the grand Victorian mansions in Saratoga Springs, I wonder what secrets are held by each. Some of my discoveries can be found in the book Saratoga’s Great Ladies: Franklin Square and Broadway and in past issues of Simply Saratoga. I have always been intrigued by Annandale. For those who may not be familiar, it is the grand mansion on the corner of Clement and Clinton. I started researching the family that made a home of this house for the fall 2019 issue of Simply Saratoga (you can find it online). When I undertake a project, I try to find as many original sources as possible. Using old newspaper accounts from the times I discovered the story of the fabulously wealthy Lathrop family. A family that was truly blessed and truly cursed. Among the three daughters we had an early widow, divorce, spousal abuse, and bankruptcy. Among the four grandchildren we find two suicides and one death during the 1918 pandemic. Only one grandchild lived to have children. Although following all the family and three other families from Saratoga, the first book focuses on the tragic story of Tina the middle daughter. The book covers the narrow, but exciting period of 1886 – 1889. The book is based on real events involving three of Saratoga’s most famous families the Lathrops, Hansons and Batchellers. Why were those three families named – because there are no direct decedents!!!! There are other Saratoga families that have been renamed to avoid upsetting the decedents.


Hollis Palmer

This is the thirteenth book by Hollis Palmer, PhD, and the first in a five book series fictionalizing four of the Victorian families of Saratoga.