Ojos Verdes

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7848-5
By: Zubieta Peniche, Maria Cristina


Green Eyes is an amalgam where elements as dissimilar as naivety and greed are mixed. It is a story of victims who were victims long before life put them in extreme situations. Before the barbarism, "the princess" was already a victim of both an adverse social reality and the physical attributes that would play against her. Lost in a town with no future, she is dazzled by adolescent infatuation, and ends up entangled in the threads of a meticulously constructed lie.


Maria Cristina Zubieta Peniche

Maria Cristina is a Mexican author, born in 1968 in Monterrey, Mexico. Has published short stories and a novel named Helena. Has published three bilingual children's books. Apariencias is her second novel. Ojos verdes is a short story.