Movies on Chatham Presents

Group Conversations About Diversity, Equity, and Identity in Film

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7857-7
By: Hassebroek, Pam, et al.


Through a brief history of movies, this trustworthy collection presents a coherent view of changing social norms regarding women and the LGBTQ community.  The book discusses our diversity, but its purpose is unity, not division. * essential and thought-provoking insight into our human uniqueness and diversity. * fundamental answers to why and how people resist acknowledging and accepting human differences. "Movies on Chatham Presents" shows how film portrayals have reinforced discrimination, which is among the world's most pressing matters. See how this happens and how things change through film depictions, and historical social backdrops. We can observe the inequalities of social position in movie settings from the early 20th century forward. This book examines the movie industry's changing expressions of femaleness, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender roles in parallel with pertinent public laws and policies. Watching the featured 10 movies accompanied by the book's commentary enables visualizing the obstacles overcome and celebrating the positive trend toward a more equitable social order. "Movies on Chatham Presents" offers a template for respectful and enlightening conversations about film and pop culture. * The book helps us to recognize our multiple social identities, diversify who we interact with, and broaden our perspectives. * The book provides tools to move us all toward higher principles in group interactions--personal, professional, and organizational.


Pam Hassebroek

DR. PAM HASSEBROEK has multiple identities, as we all do. An engineer, educator, media and cultural studies scholar, she contributed to international security coordination efforts at Georgia Tech and Cyber-terrorism prevention studies at the National Academies in Washington DC. She writes about today's equity challenges, reflecting on the societal evolution accompanying her STEM career. Pam and her husband, Jerry, live in Atlanta, GA, now called “Hollywood of the South.”