The Book of Eternity

Linguistic Notation for Balancing Oneness in an Infinite Universe

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7863-8
By: Emmerson, Parker


The Book of Eternity outlines a linguistic notation for describing the balance of oneness within different meanings of infinity, using geometry and algebra to outline their logical relations for different qualia of metric phenomena. Developing new, logical expressions and forms for correlating different forms of algebraic geometry and describing methods by which the hidden, phenomenological velocity dimension can be expressed in the most liberated way.


Parker Emmerson

Parker Emmerson is an artist, mathematician and entrepreneur. He proved several novel algebraic equations while in college and published his discovery. He has qualified and quantified his research in a mathematical thesis, The Cone of Perception, and this book The Book of Eternity is the next natural progression in that thesis. Parker is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, artist, and mathematician who has published several books on mathematical equations, theories, novel discoveries, and who produces visually stunning artwork. You can find out more about him here: