The B Word

The budget Journal planner

ISBN: 978-1-7923-7971-0
By: Minor, Aliah


The budget journal planner


Aliah Minor

Aliah Minor is an entrepreneur with a passion for entrepreneurship and community. She has a passion for teaching individuals and small business professionals how to plan, implement and execute their financial plan. With twelve years of financial experience and ten years owning her business, she has learned the ups and downs of the industry first hand. Originally from Kalamazoo, MI?and a graduate of THEE illustrious Jackson State University, where Aliah was a Division-I basketball player, she learned the importance of strategic planning, hard work, and overcoming adversity. Aliah has a diverse array of professional experience where she has served clients as a tax expert as well as showing them the path to financial freedom. She specializes in various practice areas of tax, including individual, small business, partnerships and non profit. Not to mention a financial bootcamp to guide her clients to becoming financial free.