Maiden Voyage

ISBN: 978-1-7923-8426-4
By: Terling, Fred


The Starship Enterprise is dispatched on its first mission under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. What should be a routine supply drop to a federation colony, turns out to be a complete mystery involving turn of the century architecture, unsanctioned alien first contact, a destroyed starship and technology never before encountered. Pike and his crew must navigate through the deceptions of colonial Governor Cyril Vessey, to discover the secret behind the planet’s enhancements and what threats his new alliance may pose on the galaxy. A slightly different take on Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, these heroes evolve from the crew members surrounding the protagonist, Captain Christopher Pike. Through him, they are afforded opportunities to seize the sword. He is more than a mentor. Pike is an active participant in their journeys. Together the characters are greater than the sum of all parts. This differs somewhat from the traditional Star Trek universe wherein the captain plays the central role. Captain Pike, however, extends the freedom of responsibilities to his crew.


Fred Terling

Fred Terling is 57 years old, residing in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. He has written for decades in the professional worlds of marketing, journalism and sports. This is his first novel of two written in 2021. Maiden Voyage is a novel length work of fan fiction based in the Star Trek universe, 15 years prior to the original series. His second forthcoming novel, Olath's Bride is an original work that will hit book sellers in early 2022. Keeping him balanced are his wife Lori and his dog Poe.