Racing the Red Moon

1 Lydaeth Chronicles

ISBN: 978-1-7923-8430-1
By: Gates, Ruby


When Stella's mysterious trainer went missing he left a letter that held a secret that the king has been hiding for years. Forced to make the decision, Stella sets off on a quest to save her kingdom. With a greedy king and her her father not far behind, Stella must trust those closest to her, along with a few new allies, to save her people before it is too late.


Ruby Gates

Ruby Gates grew up in Western North Carolina with her three brothers and an imagination as playmates. She began writing her crazy and senseless stories down at age eight. She wrote her first sensible novel at age 14. To this day she dwells in her land of fairytales, knights, and science fiction, never ceasing with new story ideas that may one day escape the weak walls that contain them and finally rest on paper.