Trading Experts Getting Started Swing Trading in the Stock Market

Learn the 10 Key Lesson's Every Trade Must Know Before Placing There First Trade!

ISBN: 978-1-7923-8458-5
By: Zamani, Bennett


When you are just starting out in the stock market, you are filled with thousands of questions, however some might be above your current relative peak intelligence on the topic. We are going to build up your trading knowledge from the foundation up. The proper way. The way that has worked for the thousands of members who have read this book before you. This will be unlike most books you read, this book will require you to act, and put your knowledge to the test. In order to start the process of bridging the gap between beginners & professionals, we’ve created the Getting Started Program with the goal of getting you up to speed quicker than ever before! On top of that, we’ve also added a few of our top trading stories. These stories focus on the same major mistakes we made as newcomers, as well as, most new traders usually tend to make upon first entering the market. You are starting in our first program and as you continue to build up your trading foundation you will continue to move up the ranks! By the end of this program, you will grasp the concepts of how to build a watchlist, how to scan charts and how the broker doesn't matter. Along with each lesson, we’ve included tasks for you to complete along the way to solidify your knowledge. Your work is not done after completing these lessons, this is only the beginning. You do not need to be a math whiz or have a perfect GPA to be a successful trader. You do need proper game planning and the right guidance along the way. Best of luck & happy trading! From Shake and Ben G


Bennett Zamani