Coal and Co-Firing Power For The 22nd Century:

Carbon Sequestration Through Chemical Co-Production

ISBN: 978-1-7923-9186-6
By: O'Brien, Walter James


This handbook on best available carbon sequestration technologies is crafted for solid fuel power plant, chemical and hydrocarbon processing engineers & project planners. It provides an overview of the range of options available for retrofitting conventional coal-fired, MSW and biomass-fired power plants with chemical manufacturing capabilities. Conventional code-approved and industry-standard modular and zero-emission stack gas-mounted refineries are designed to process the captured carbon dioxide & other stack gases into a broad range of marketable feedstocks such as syngas, hydrogen, methane, ethanol, ammonia and a variety of other valuable chemical products. The primary focus is on project cost analysis for both construction and refinery operations over the life of the upgraded power generation facilities to ensure that retrofitted stack-gas capture adds value to the power plant projects ' bottom line as well as meeting strict emission requirements. This work will be available to the public 15 August 2022.


Walter James O'Brien

Mr. O'Brien has over 38 years' experience as a power plant construction mechanical cost estimator and project documentation and approvals specialist. His specialties are developing project pro forma spreadsheet assessments, first-cost amortization schedules, work breakdown structures and development of multi-option energy project mapping. This work is done in support of power plant sales & marketing teams, power plant project funding analysts and project insurance underwriting and approvals.