The Art Of Dementia

ISBN: 978-1-7923-9492-8
By: Isom, Sunday D. L.


The Art Of Dementia is about caring for my mother in her journey through dementia. My children and I, as well as my brother, spent over a decade discovering, witnessing and battling the horrific affects that Alzheimer's Disease had on my mother.


Sunday D. L. Isom

Sunday Isom was born in Rhode Island as Debra Lynn Best. She was adopted by her great aunt, Georgianna, who added "Sunday" as a first name. Sunday is a mother of five and a grandmother of eleven! She is a US Army veteran, and an entrepreneur who owns a crafts business in California. Sunday has written two plays, several poems (one of which was published in a San Francisco/Bay Area newspaper.) and now her inaugural book, "The Art Of Dementia".