Healthy Aging with Imogene and Tuffy

ISBN: 978-1-7923-9665-6
By: Weick, Janet


This book covers a variety of topics related to health and exercise, especially for older adults. Included are short and accessible chapters on topics such as the importance of walking daily, avoiding falls, and understanding our muscles, bones, skin and back. Exercises are described that can be done sitting down, or while travelling. Tai chi is introduced as a way to achieve good health.


Janet Weick

Janet Weick earned an R.N. degree from Ellis Hospital of Nursing in Schenectady New York as well as a B.A. in Fine Art from Union College. She has taught fitness classes since 1973 in several locations and has specialized in teaching at retirement communities for over forty years. Now an octogenarian herself, she continues to offer fitness classes to residents in the Parkland Gardens retirement community in Schenectady. She not only authored “Healthy Aging with Imogene and Tuffy,” she illustrated the book.