Parker Milbanke

'Don't call me ma'am'

ISBN: 978-1-7923-9954-1
By: Walsh, PF


Parker Milbanke was known as... 'The Untangler.' She was the manager of staff Attornies at a New York Law Firm. Parker finished third in her class at Harvard Law. None of that prevented a life-wrenching divorce at the age of 46. She chucked it all behind her, quit her job, and escaped to sunny Califonia. Still bristling with anger, despite the serenity of Palm Springs, she crossed the upscale street heading for the Gucci store. That's when a limousine of a sick, aged billionaire, being rushed to the hospital, hit her. She woke up in the hospital two days later, badly injured, and really pissed. Then Fate stepped in, and chnaged eveything!


PF Walsh

This is the Author's 8th book. He is the author of the Velvet Abbey Series.