Fleecy Clouds: One Woman's Story of Surviving and Thriving after Childhood Abuse

ISBN: 979-8-218-03165-7
By: Barber, Gail


Gail's family was poor but rich with love. When her mother was in the hospital giving birth to the youngest child, their house burned. Before leaving the hospital, Gail’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. When her mother passed, Gail and her siblings went to stay with family, eventually living at her grandmother's house. Although warned that this was not a good decision, Gail’s father felt it was his only option. However, it was nearly fatal for little Gail. Her father—her hero—saved her in the nick of time. The Welfare Department soon removed Gail and her two younger siblings and placed them in foster homes. They were ultimately placed at Childhaven, an orphanage for fortunate children. Despite great sadness and pain in their early years, Gail and her siblings grew up to be strong, loving, and faith-filled adults. But those early traumatic childhood events weighed on Gail’s body, mind, and spirit until she was in her forties. Finally agreeing to seek help, she started seeing a Christian counselor. That was the beginning of her healing journey. No matter how much hurt you’ve endured, there’s always a path to healing and wholeness. In Fleecy Clouds: One Woman’s Story of Surviving and Thriving after Childhood Abuse, Gail’s story is evidence of the resiliency of the human spirit, the power of love, and the never-ending mercies of a loving Father.


Gail Barber

Gail Champion's mother died when she was five years old. She lived in foster homes and with family. After suffering physical abuse, she was removed from her grandmother's home and sent to Childhaven children's home in Cullman, Alabama. She lived there until she went to college. She married Jerrie Barber in 1964. When she was in her early 40's, she started suffering nightmares and other results of her childhood abuse. After seeing a Christian counselor, she recovered from her trauma and has been sharing her story of hope. This book is the story of her journey.