TransScam: The Transgender Fallacy - And What To Do About It

ISBN: 979-8-218-10212-8
By: Bryce, J L


America, wake up! You’re being lulled into a nefarious scam all based on a fallacy. It all starts with your compliance to a seemingly harmless promotion of pronouns that aren't based on reality. This is the “foot in the door” to a multifaceted, control of your speech, oppression of women not seen in 100 years, and a lifetime of big money profiting from the mass mutilation and sterilization of our children. Do I have your attention? TransScam is a straight forward account exposing the truth about this new transgender movement. I reveal what you need to know about it, who’s behind it, the danger it brings to you, our children and America, and what you can do now in defense.