Felix and Eagle Imagine

ISBN: 979-8-218-14064-9
By: Thomas, Willie


His goal is not to be a knight. His goal is not to fly a kite. In his bones Felix feels he just might become a great superhero on this night. Felix is a young boy seeking to become a great superhero. Eagle, his cat, wishes for the ability of flight. After drifting off to sleep, they embark on a shared dream where they Imagine wondrous things only found in one’s imagination…


Willie Thomas

Willie Thomas is an American author born on May 2, 1984 in Birmingham, AL. He currently resides in North Carolina. Storytelling and writing books have always been his passion and goal. By the time he reaches the century mark, he would like to have well over a hundred different books out, each with its own unique voice and tale. Felix and Eagle Imagine and Rodowell Sky Makes Miracles Come to Life are the first of these books. Follow Willie Thomas on his journey as he makes what he has imagined come to life.