Afro Futuristic Adventures with Granville T. Woods: The Figure 8 Roller Coaster

ISBN: 979-8-218-40905-0
By: Baker-Mason, Letta


"In 'Afro Futuristic Adventures With Granville T. Woods: The Figure 8 Roller Coaster,' Granville T. Woods finds himself marveling at how his blueprints for inventions lay the foundation for the livelihood of 30th-century African engineers. Amidst the bustling streets of Wakanda, Ghana, his innovations pave the way for the nation to become a beacon of technological advancement. Witness the symbiotic relationship between past genius and future innovation as Woods' legacy inspires a new generation of engineers to build the most innovative technological country in the world."


Letta Baker-Mason

Letta S. Baker Mason, born in Chicago, IL, has been a Seattle, WA resident for the past thirty years. Throughout her career, Letta has dedicated herself to various educational settings, ranging from early childhood education to post-secondary institutions, including work within the juvenile justice system. Notable achievements include collaborating with President Mandela on implementing the "Bridging the Gap Curriculum" and developing culturally responsive curricula for Princess Kasune Zulu of Zambia and the S.T.E.M. program for World Vision. Letta has also collaborated with two Grammy artists as a songwriter and authored five publications. Currently, Letta serves as the Lead Faculty member in the Educational Department at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, and as an Adjunct E.C.E. Dual Language Faculty member at Evergreen State College Tacoma in Tacoma, WA. Additionally, she works as a Black Studies Curriculum Specialist, providing instruction for the Seattle Public School District. She also participates as a co-researcher for the Umoja Research Project in Port Royal, Jamaica. As a Leadership Coach for Inspiring Teachers, Letta travels globally to offer coaching on differential instruction, with visits to countries such as Egypt, Dubai, Jamaica, Mexico, Ghana, and Canada. She is also in the process of partnering with the Maori community in New Zealand. Through her ownership of Sankofa Educational Services, Letta specializes in teaching and coaching preschool and college educators on the importance and implementation of multiple intelligences and culturally responsive curricula. Additionally, she offers Effective Black Parenting Courses. Letta is accomplished and deeply cares for her community, but her most crucial role is nurturing her ten grandchildren.