Falcon's Nest

ISBN: 979-8-218-43746-6
By: Lyon, Stephen


Some heroes are made, some are born. Not all heroes are created equal: You’ve read about them in books and seen them in movies all the time– James Bond, Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp and Jason Borne, then every once in a while a new hero shows up on the scene– Meet Joshua McBride. He’s not a secret service agent, ex-military drifter, CIA counterterrorism operative, or on the run from CIA hit squads– Joshua McBride is a wealthy, political operative in the forefront and behind the scenes of Washington, D.C.’s power brokers. He owns the most successful political consultancy, PR and lobbying firm D.C. with both a national and with an international reputation. He is prepared to be a saint or sinner, hero or villain, depending on the price tag associated with his client's needs. That kind of a reputation and with backroom knowledge it can get you into serious trouble. McBride unintentionally encounters a spy operation in Washington, using beautiful, seductive, female intelligence agents masquerading as diplomatic attachés. When their mission; codenamed, Falcon’s Nest, involves his clients in the conspiracy he is pulled into a dark espionage underworld. After things begin to unravel, a devious international plot of profound political exploitations and global consequences is revealed. As attempts are made to cover up the missing disappearances of the spies, more secrets are uncovered, and McBride’s life becomes entwined in the deadly investigation leading to unexplained gruesome deaths. He knew that at any given time, someone; a client, government bureaucrat, politician, intelligence agency head, judge or deep state actor could try and destroy him. It was his knowledge of insider dealings, his connections and father's old government cronies that kept him on top of the Hill. Although lately, he had felt the tip of the global deep state spear. McBride had enough of corrupt global government kleptocrats using their political power to expropriate the wealth of the people and land they govern. This was the final straw.


Stephen Lyon

Stephen C. Lyon is a unique hybrid author coming from a world of public relations, marketing and journalism—one who combines his experiences as a political campaign advisor, marketing strategist and PR consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He is a national award-winning political marketing consultant, political operative, former lobbyist and advisor to U.S. Senators, Congressmen and Governors. After over 50 years of owning a mass communications business, with several awards to show for it, Lyon has found a second career inspired to write suspense and thriller novels based on his personal experiences. Although fiction, he includes true life themes in a myriad of interwoven genres, including espionage, political corruption and international intrigue. His dark psychological crime thrillers involve today’s technologies, forensic science, bioagents and single global governance plots. The first book in the Joshua McBride Thriller Series introduces strong, complex characters faced with intense situations in a dark, spy crime thriller. Lyon’s unique blend of suspense, realism and introspection involve intricate plots which he hopes will set the bar for unpredictable twists and turns beginning with his modern day spy thriller. Born in the Midwest, Lyon began writing while in college working for magazines and newspapers, eventually pursuing his chosen profession in advertising handling clients in virtually every industry. His ad agency began in 1974 expanding to including film and video production, market research, strategic marketing consulting, and eventually moving it to Phoenix, in 1986 where he expanded his agency services again to include all things digital for start-ups and well-established businesses. Lyon didn't just start a marketing business... he started multiple businesses, grew them, and now his days are spent writing, taking the genre in exciting new directions.