Music Man: The road to success

"7 Music Life Strategies for the Self-Employed Persona"

ISBN: 979-8-3507-0551-5
By: Davil, Fernando


Unlock the secrets to success as a self-employed person with these 7 proven strategies. In this book, you will learn how to achieve success as an independent business owner by implementing the same philosophies and strategies that have helped the author, a successful musician and independent business owner, achieve success in their own work and life experiences.


Fernando Davil

Fernando Davil is an award-winning modern Latin music artist, songwriter, composer, performer, pianist, and singer-entrepreneur. His original music blends eclectic sounds with jazz influences and an international pop sound. Davil owns his own music company ALDIVA Music Enterprises, AMUA music academy, Kianti Music Publishing, ALDIVA Food concepts, and DRavel Media. He is known for his energetic performances that showcase his tremendous musical skills and versatility in modern pop, contemporary classic, and jazz.