Horse Furniture

ISBN: 979-8-3507-0562-1
By: Green, Bob


The term ‘horse furniture’ naturally conjures up images of chairs and couches with horse heads and tails carved into their design. Not so. Folks say that out West, for years beyond count, horse tack is made by the guy who is good with wood and leather. The furniture maker. Others say this is a pile of horse-hockey.


Bob Green

Bob Green is an Emeritus Clinical Assistant Professor at East Carolina University College of Nursing. He is a retired Certifed Nurse-Midwife and taught in the ECU-CON Midwifery and undergraduate OB nursing programs. Bob fell in love with Midwifery at the birth of his oldest daughter who was born at home in Elkins, Arkansas in 1978 attended by Nurse Midwives. Bob’s love of Midwifery is second only to his love of writing, especially poetry. Bob has been wordsmithing since he began writing with a big yellow #2 Ticonderoga pencil. His goal is always to pack every word with as much meaning and feeling as possible. He is published in a number of literary and poetry magazines and professional nursing journals.