The Dance of the Bees

Yong Fenlon

ISBN: 979-8-3507-2916-0
By: Fenlon , Yong


The dance of the bees is a remarkable example of animal communication, which involves precise movements, sounds, and signals that convey complex information


Yong Fenlon

Yong Fenlon is an author who wrote fiction stories of more than 22 novels, 30 Children's books, including this book. Currently, retired from U.S. Federal Government Service, at early adulthood stage age, experienced working in a few different business fields along with having his own Philadelphia Sandwich Shops in California, also the owner of Jewelry Company with selling Women clothes, Fashion, purses, in the past. Have Graduated from college with a marketing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), also, earned a certified Accounting, from University Maryland, as well as Earned the Business, from University of California, Irvine. Married to retired from the U.S. Marine Corps, while husband job was Marine Corps helicopter pilot. Have remarkable two wonderful sons together, and Family is very blessed with healthy sons Dr. Michael MD, and Translator & Bioscience John, made motivated life partners.

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