Shanghainese in New York

ISBN: 979-8-3507-2964-1
By: Wong, Huigen


Summer- Shanghainese in New York ( ? - ????? ?


Huigen Wong

Wong Huigen, a Chinese-American, was born in Shanghai in 1953 and graduated from the School of Journalism at Fudan University. He has worked for many well-known media units at home and abroad. I moved to the United States in 2001. He has devoted most of his life to journalism and loves interviewing and writing. Nineteen years of living in the United States have accumulated rich life and work experience. His novel "Primary Colors: Shanghainese in New York" was published by "World Journal" publishing house. The novels "Home, Shanghainese in New York", "Spring, Shanghainese in New York" and "Summer, Shanghainese in New York" are the first three parts of his tetralogy. Currently, the fourth novel, "Autumn, Shanghainese in New York", is being written. In the process of creation. [US Micro]: "New York Today" broadcasts every day. Moreover, we established a "Shanghai people in New York" group, a warm "home", and successfully held many happy hour activities. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????OO?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????·??????????????????????????·?????????·?????????·???????????????????????????·???????????????[??]:????????????????“??????”???????“?”??????????????