The Life of Intercession

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3040-1
By: Surratt, Carrie


The Life of the Intercessor


Carrie Surratt

Bishop Surratt is the Presiding Bishop of Restoration Covenant Ministries (RCM) in Clinton, Maryland. RCM is an apostolic ministry that spiritually covers pastors, ministries, churches, businesses and provides leadership training, ministry coaching, mentorship, and ordinations with appropriate documentation. After 40 plus years in ministry, sharing freely her experiences and serving as a teacher of teachers she is called “MaBishop” by spiritual sons and daughters who honor her godly anointing, teaching ability, and lifestyle of holiness. Bishop Surratt has successfully authored two other books that will be an added blessing to your book collection: Lord, Teach Us To PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens and Power of an Unconditional Yes. These books will teach you the simplicity of consistent pray and how to release God’s power in your life with an unconditional yes.