God, Money, & Sex

Understanding and Mastering the Three Human Dilemmas

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3055-5
By: Ray, James Arthur


God, Money, and Sex, Understanding and Mastering the Three Human Dilemmas In this work we’ll attempt to understand these fundamental dilemmas which often cause so much dissent and division, while at the same time suggesting practical and actionable solutions. While mastery is an elevated, often elusive term, possibly thought to be beyond reach, Ray submits if we can at least understand each of the three dilemmas, as well as their impact on us individually and collectively, mastery may just be possible. You as the reader can be the judge. This fast-moving book might push some buttons depending upon your beliefs. Yet if you keep an open mind and at least consider what’s proposed, even if you don’t necessarily agree with all the points and premises, your life may just improve, and our world and culture may shift. Welcome to a journey through history to the moment where we are today; and to the choices we all must make individually and collectively to determine where we go tomorrow.


James Arthur Ray

There’s no arguing that we live in turbulent times. In a world which often seems to be spinning out of control, New York Times bestselling author James Arthur Ray, takes an aggressive stance suggesting there are three fundamental dilemmas that have brought us to this fascinating, often frustrating, fulcrum in history