The ABCs of French Culture An unconventional guide to French behavior

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3099-9
By: Edwards, Carole


Do you love the land of macarons, baguettes and Matisse but find yourself perplexed, annoyed, ignored or outraged by the French? Whether you’re already living in France or planning to work, visit or study there, this book is for you: ? Avoid cultural pitfalls when interacting with the French. ? Know what to expect when invited into a French home. ? Decipher French body language and other enigmatic French mannerisms. ? Navigate the dreaded French administration. ? Forge friendships with the French in the community


Carole Edwards

Carole Edwards is French and lives in the United States. Grace Stockton-Bliard is Canadian and lives in France. Together, they have combined their 30 years of expat experience, working and bringing up children, to write an easy-to-use alphabetical guide to French culture. A must-read in your preparation for your French adventure, the ABCs of French culture will propel you beyond stereotypes and clichés to embrace the challenge of living in France and with the French!