Busy Buzzing Worker Bees

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3139-2
By: Filipowicz, Hilary


Busy Buzzing Worker Bees is a charming tale for all ages. Children will fall in love with our happy-go-lucky bee who defies norms and buzzes her own path in a whimsical world. Adult readers will appreciate the subtle challenge to the expectation of being a cog in the corporate wheel. This simple, sweet story will inspire all readers to see the joys of forging our own way of life that balances a solid work ethic with plenty of time to just be ourselves, as shown through the eyes of a jolly little bee.


Hilary Filipowicz

Hilary lives in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio with her two daughters and husband. Her two daughters are both the inspiration for writing this book, as well as the reason why it took two years to complete! Prior to staying home to raise her daughters, Hilary lived in NYC for nearly 10 years with her beloved dog Tallulah and will forever use that as her claim to being a “cool” mom. Hilary loves to spend time outdoors and especially loves going on adventures with her family. She has many more children’s books in her imagination, just waiting to be written!